Pipeline Separation and Flaring

Pipelogic Services routinely provides pipeline separation for various pipeline projects such as, online/offline pipeline batch cleaning, pipeline decommissioning, pipeline depressurizing / blow-downs. We strive to achieve the highest level of safety and customer satisfaction. This process begins at our yard during job preparation and goes through job completion. The innovative design of our multi-phase high capacity separators with 1440 Working Pressure, allow us to meet the unique needs of various client situations. With the use of safe and effective hammer union piping and quicker rig up/down time, we can obtain a more cost effective project approach and completion for our clients.

Our experienced and skilled employees are the most prized aspect of the pipeline separation service. They enhance the total customer satisfaction goals that we continually strive to meet. We look forward to the opportunity to assist clients with a turnkey pipeline service.


Pipeline flaring is a component service to pipeline projects where post product separation creates petro-chemical byproduct gas. Our portable flares and break-out tanks allow for the safe burn-off of unwanted gas. Our flares are trailer mounted and hydraulically self standing which adds a safe and quick rig up/ rig down process. Our flares are equipped with modern SCADA recording equipment which allows us to accurately report commonly requested data.

For pipelines with moderate to heavy debris potential, high pressure filters are utilized to aid in the prevention of equipment plugging. Filtration equipment is commonly used in pipeline online cleaning processes. These services are available upon request.