Pipeline Cleaning

Pipeline Cleaning Service 2

Pipeline cleaning is performed for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons to perform pipeline cleaning on a “regular” basis is to improve product throughput and reduce operating and maintenance cost. Pipeline cleaning is also often performed prior to running an intelligent pig (aka ILI tool) to assure that it collects quality data. Pipelogic Services has performed pipeline cleaning with both chemicals and mechanical pigs.

Pipeline Cleaning DebrisFor mechanical pipeline cleaning, we have used techniques such as “progressive pigging” to reduce the possibility of sticking a pig in the pipeline or overloading your system with debris. Our years of experience working with a variety of top manufacturers have given us the ability to select from the most cost effective and safest pigs for each pipeline cleaning application.

Injecting Chemical 1For many pipeline cleaning projects, mechanical pigs alone are just not the most cost effective answer. Over the last several years various chemicals such as surfactants have been used to clean pipelines. We will be happy to provide chemical cleaning of pipelines with whatever chemicals our customer desires, but we have found Citrikleen® products to be effective for a wide variety of pipeline cleaning applications. Citrikleen® products has over 40 different chemicals to choose from. We have found that some of their bio-degradable products are great de-greasers and Benzene killers.

Chemical Cleaning 1No matter what your pipeline cleaning project may be, we have the equipment, personnel and experience to perform it safely and cost effectively.