ILI Tool Services


Smart Pig Service 3Pre-Cleaning
We assist the owner/client with careful planning and written procedures to help determine the appropriate pipeline cleanliness to achieve a successful tool run.
Pre-cleaning for an ILI tool run is very important. Running an ILI tool through a dirty pipeline can result in inaccurate corrosion readings, failure to read due to “lift off”, and/or causing damage to an expensive tool. We routinely provide this service to many different ILI tool companies and owner/clients.

Smart Pig Service 5ILI Propelling
Propelling Smart Pigs is a unique challenge that has to be approached from several fronts, regardless of an on-line or off-line situation. We have extensive experience in successfully inserting, launching, tracking and receiving ILI tools. Typically Off-line projects require propelling ILI tools with water. It is crucial to achieve the appropriate ILI tool speed and pressure requirements to have a successful tool run. This is done by selecting the proper pump and launcher/receiver which is determined by the diameter of the pipeline.

Flow Analyzer 1Pig Tracking
Pig Tracking is a service that we often provide when running Smart Pigs with water. The placement of the above ground marker (AGM) and the recording of the pig passage must be done properly to help insure the accuracy of the Dig Sheet when locating anomalies. We have state of the art CDI pig tracking equipment that works with most ILI tools