Hydrostatic Testing

Texas Hydrostatic Testing 3Wikipedia defines a hydrostatic testing as “…a way in which leaks can be found in pressure vessels such as pipelines and plumbing.” We think that for new pipelines, contractors who use the best pipeline construction practices would maybe see hydrostatic testing as the final proof there are no leaks to be found. No matter how you look at the practice of hydrostatic testing, it is still one of the safest and best practices to prove that pressure vessels such as pipelines will operate safely at the designed pressure.

Texas Hydrostatic Testing 6Hydrostatic testing, especially in the pipeline industry, is as much an art, as it is a science. The “simple” process of line filling, or flooding the pipeline with water, is a crucial step in the hydrostatic testing process. The very best pig for “sealing” must be launched at the start of the flooding process to assure a continuous column of water with not pockets of air. Pipelogic Services experienced and well trained personnel understand that no two pipelines are the same and therefore give careful consideration to pig selection based on the pipeline parameters presented. If air voids are created during pipeline flooding, they can cause multiple problems, including a failed test. This is because the entrapped air, which is compressible, can give the appearance of a leak while attempting to reach the desired test pressure. Pipelogic Services staff knows that proper pig selection is critical in minimizing the potential of air pockets during this key step in any hydrostatic test.

Texas Hydrostatic Testing 5Pipelogic Services has been asked to perform a variety of hydrostatic test for the pipeline industry. We have successfully performed hydrostatic test that range from short duration hold test, to the much longer twenty-four hour test. We are happy to provide whatever test duration requirements our clients require. We routinely perform the most complex hydrostatic test such as pressure/volume, HDPE and other multi-procedural test. We have also performed hydrostatic test on multiple pipe sections at one time by utilizing high pressure jumper hoses to connect all sections, thereby saving our customer time and money. With each hydrostatic test we provide a state of the art “Test Cabin” with calibrated Deadweights and Chart Recorders, as well as all associated pumps, hoses and fittings. All of our certified test are reviewed and stamped by a third party Registered Professional Engineer.

Texas Hydrostatic Test TrailerAfter a hydrostatic test, removal of the water can also be important to a project’s success. Our experience with dewatering a pipeline can help speed up the drying process, but is also important in overcoming problems such as head pressure, tube lock or pig bypass.

Once a pipeline has been dewatered, Pipelogic Services can also provide pipeline drying and cleaning to your dew point specifications. Our experience in pipeline drying includes the use of everything from the industry’s newest fuel efficient dryer from Logical Pipeline Solutions, to compressors with desiccant dryers, Nitrogen, Methanol and other drying methods. We offer the most cost effect solutions for your specific pipeline requirements.

Texas Hydrostatic  Testing 4Pipelogic Services is happy to provide whatever hydrostatic testing related services your company may need. If you would like, we can provide turn-key services which include line filling, the pressure test, dewatering the line and pipeline drying. For pipelines that are in operation and may require hydrostatic testing, we can also offer decommissioning. This could include the use of our portable separators, portable flares, as well as chemical cleaning if necessary. We are capable of bringing as much to your integrity program as you so desire.